With Mentoring Groups from Bristol to Brighton, we’ve got you covered!

Research has also shown that 70% of small businesses receiving Mentoring continue in business for five years or more ~ double the rate compared with non-mentored entrepreneurs and 20% are more likely to experience growth.

How much better would you sleep at night if you could tap into the experience of other business leaders who have already been there? How would it feel to de-risk your decision making, share your thoughts? How would it feel to take away the built in bias of your backing VC/PE?

The “Enable Leadership” programme delivers that vital perspective you need, to see the big picture, to test your ideas, and move your company to the next level with the right objectives in mind ~ your objectives. Better performance doesn’t have to cost you peace of mind.

We exist to help VC/PE backed Founders / Leaders transition with the growth of their businesses, taking on board “management skill sets” to augment their “entrepreneurial skill sets” whilst concurrently removing that feeling of isolation at the top, improving the quality of decision making, providing a fresh perspective and an alternative view.

We seek to ensure that when VC/PE reviews happen, their best strategy is to continue to back the founder they invested in - backing the man not the plan!


Membership Groups of 12/14 CEO’s from none competing businesses, who come together once a month to share ideas, experiences and gain knowledge from expert speakers, all in a confidential environment.

Additionally, each Leader meets with a seasoned business professional for a private & confidential two hour Mentoring Session every month, life can be lonely at the top, so who better to share it with, than someone who has sat in the same seat?

ENABLE helps founders and their companies outperform the competition by providing exclusive access to a proven combination of resources backed by a thorough understanding of the VC/PE environment:

Group Meetings

Successful leaders from non-competing industries gather once a month in confidential, problem-solving meetings with up to 16 chief executives, presidents or business owners, professionally facilitated by a Professional and Business Seasoned Chairman.


Members receive monthly one-to-one coaching from their Group Chairman, an objective business advisor offering support, advice, accountability, insight and understanding.

Expert Speakers

Recognised experts deliver fresh perspectives, practical insights, and inspire breakthrough ideas – all in a small-group confidential environment, so their content can be tailored to each member’s specific needs.

Interesting Learning

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