insight & understanding 

~ on leadership

~ on strategy

~ on the entrepreneurial eco-system

What we offer:-

~ “private & confidential” 1-2-1 sessions with your Group Chairman 

~ 12/14 CEOs / Business Leaders per Group, 

~ Meetings for a full day per month

~ 8 expert Speaker Sessions / 4 workshop sessions

~ Annual “two day” retreat, with your Group ~ to dig deeper!

~ Continuous learning, not this weeks book, or a one off workshop

Better Leadership

New ideas, fresh thinking and perspectives fuel continued growth and innovation. Enable will inspire your best thinking, challenge your assumptions (who do you know who is always right?!) and give you a platform to implement insights and greater understanding with confidence and precision.

Business leaders have few people they can turn to…..for seasoned advice and the plain truth, with no axe to grind, no vested interests, no career to keep you sweet over and no hiding or disguising of real concerns.

With no agenda except to help you succeed, your CEO Group and your Group Chairman will help you uncover opportunities ~ then hold you accountable for taking action. Individually strong, stronger in partnership.

Enhanced Decision Making

We provide the most effective sounding board for your toughest decisions – fellow chief executives who have met and overcome the same challenges you’re facing or service provision from the extended range of services offered by EnABLE Business and our parent, Venture Strategy Partnership.

“It’s like getting the “trial” without the “error,” and helps you make better decisions when the stakes are at their highest”

Better Results

In the end, Enable CEO is about improving your performance, so your company can perform better too.

It’s about continuous, accelerated, practical learning – more lasting than any one time workshop or flavour-of-the-day book – it’s about turning your good intentions into great results.

Like Minded Discussion

Each and every month, you get the opportunity to meet with a peer group of like minded individuals. 

Other CEO’s “at the coal face” too, in just the same way as you…….different industries, different stages of development – remarkably similar problems ~ and with real world experience of getting through the issues you face….. 

They won’t be shouted down, overriddent (openly or by plain acceptance of your views), they’ll want to know and understand your thinking - and explaining that will of itself, provide clarity for you.

You really aren’t alone !!

Discuss your business ideas, concerns and problems safe in the knowledge that your Group CEO’s know what it’s like, but also safe in the knowledge that;

“what’s said in the room, 
stays in the room……”

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