Enable is a different type of Membership organisation, 

dedicated to providing insights and understanding for 

Entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, Managing Directors

who are specifically backed by VC’s and PE’s

Our difference is threefold:

1) We’re battle hardened and personally experienced business professionals, we’ve been there, done it, got the tee shirt, read (or even written) the book! We understand the unique pressures you face on top of the more “normal” CEO pressures as your VC’s/PE’s seek to enhance the value of their holding, and position you ready for an exit so they can recover their money!

2) We’re more approachable, relaxed and in touch with the modern generation of business founders. We’re not stuffy old guys looking for a way to fill our lives at your expense! We know and understand new business trends, such “social media” and that it’s not “something the kids do” - and we understand modern technology, the most modern....

3) We’re to the point, blunt even! We tell it as it is, shoot from the hip. And if we can’t help you - we’ll say and explain why. If we can, we’ll recommend someone we think will be able to help and if appropriate, make an introduction.

If you’re an Entrepreneur or CEO who wants to run your business better, ENABLE offers monthly meetings in a confidential environment, where Members have no vested interest beyond helping each other succeed. 

Helping each other run their businesses better - plain and simple.  You’ll receive personalised, unbiased, and honest feedback from Members with no axe to grind, all they want is to succeed, and see you succeed too.

Chaired by an experienced business professional who’s been in your seat, your group meetings work by peer CEOs working together, to solve business problems and create genuine solutions, utilising their experience from other industries and in their roles as heads of their own businesses. They give advice not found in your boardroom, no vested interests, just whats right for you and your company. A fresh perspective, a broader view.....

Experience over many years (& a study of the methodology by Earnst & Young) confirms that businesses utilising this methodology typically grow at twice the rate of their comparable enterprise group ~ can you afford not to be a member? 

Typically, the cost of a years Membership is recovered in one of the many gems you’ll pick up during the year; from expert Speakers; from other CEO’s; or from your Group Chairman;

It translates into a fresher perspective

a broader outlook

a clearer vision


insight & understanding

Do you think we can help? 
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